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Sonny Julius is a retired senior citizen who before that spent 29 years in the family florist business. Then when he finally became dissatisfied with that business he became a salesman and eventually a sales supervisor with a staff of salesmen with territories from the mid west to the west. After spending 20 years with this company he retired.

Four years ago he became much involved in researching the Internet and various other sources for information about alternative cures and remedies for all kinds of illnesses and diseases. This desire for this information was triggered by a visit to his wife''s oncologist to discuss her treatment for breast cancer. When he suggested her doctor administer alternative treatments instead of conventional treatments he refused to discuss his ideas.

As a result his wife did agree to the doctor''s treatments but Sonny left his office vowing to spend the rest of his life doing research on alternative health methods and sharing them with anyone interested in these types of treatments. Sonny has compiled this information in his first free special report. He has written and submitted several articles on health issues and self help articles too. Click on banner to read his articles

Hi: this is Sonny Julius. Welcome to this special report that I have put together to share with you proven steps that very few people are using to produce a healthy body and mind.

In fact after applying what I teach you there’S a good possibility that you may be among a small percentage of the population applying these applications for enhancing your overall physical condition.

What I want you to pay attention to as you learn these techniques and think of the various ways to apply them is this: Watch what unfolds about your entire body and mind system. You see, This Report, and the way it was compiled is a study of healthy practices to apply everyday of your life.

So as you read through the ways to develop a healthier body and mind you will become more aware how valuable these techniques are.

I have used the acronym "B-e H-e-a-l-t-h-y" to suggest how each step can help you improve your overall health condition

If you have an illness that is not being solved. If you lack the energy you would like to have. If you have high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes or whatever is disrupting your life. If its becoming more difficult to live an enjoyable life. Then there really are only two questions you need to ask yourself.

First ask yourself,“Do I want to continue to live with the misery?” or secondly ask, ”Do I want to try and find some way to solve it?”

If you are truly interested in a solution to solve your ailment there is a very simple way to make it happen. And that is “TAKE CHARGE” starting today. Get and stay healthy longer by adhering to a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the food you are eating. Discover other health principals you need to follow daily too. You must adhere to these healthy principles if you don''t want to trigger the possibility of contacting a serious illness or disease.

The secret for defending yourself against a major illness or disease is to have a healthy immune system. When it''s healthy and vibrant is works very well. Without a healthy immune system you are susceptible to any sickness or disease on the planet. But what is amazing is you can control just how healthy you want it to be. It''s determined by your diet, your environment and your daily habits.

If your immune system is not performing at high speed it''s usually because you are abusing your body in some way. Now it’s not likely you are going to hear this kind of beneficial information from your doctor. So make sure you do what''s necessary to increase your odds for staying disease free.

It’s been a little over four years ago that I became more concerned about health issues. My concern became more important the day my wife and I had an appointment with an oncologist. We were there to talk to him about treatments for her diagnosed breast cancer.

I had come prepared with information I had gathered to talk to him about alternative treatments for my wife''s disease. However he wanted no part of my ideas. As it turned my wife did accept his recommendations but without my endorsement.

When I left his office that day I vowed I would spent the rest of my life searching wherever I could for alternative methods to cure or treat illnesses and diseases. I also intended to share that information with anyone who cared about it. Since then I have spent hundreds of hours gathering pertinent information about all kinds of health issues. I have been amazed what beneficial information I found to help improve people’s health.

I have also been totally shocked at what most people are doing to abuse their body. Therein lies some of the root cause of the country’s major health problems. The dominance of the drug industry is responsible in part because they are convincing people that their products solve all of their health problems. Even the ignorance of the medical institution of nutrition and sometimes even their uncaring attitude adds to the problem.

This special report that I have assembled will furnish many ways you can become healthier. It will also encourage and teach you what to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as you would like. Now even though I am not a doctor I can, in most cases, guarantee I have gained more knowledge about nutrition by my research then most of them have. The reason I believe it is true because the majority of doctors only get a few hours of education on nutrition during their years in medical school. Check it out yourself. It''s public knowledge.

You will be learning here in this report how valuable it is to become more informed about nutritional supplements too. It''s important to know the ones beneficial to add to your health regimen daily. I am not suggesting you abandon your primary physician altogether but it will be advised and discussed further in this report how your doctor can be more helpful to you. It''s very important to have your primary health practitioner work with you to develop a healthier body and mind.

Now let me make a strong point here. Be sure you read this report in its entirety. I assure you that by following the guidelines I have put together it will be more beneficial for your overall health picture then you realize. I know how these ideas have benefited my wife and me in the last four years. My wife’s cancer is in remission and we hope it will stay that way forever. As long as both of us continue practicing these healthy methods it should increase our odds for staying disease free. Now here is the next step I recommend

E - Erase any doubts you may have of the importance of taking charge of your overall health. Believe it is absolutely essential to become more concerned than ever about your health issues. If you are not really sure what benefits are possible by taking complete charge of your health here are some ideas to consider.

First of all eating nutritional food is more beneficial than eating fast food or processed food. There is nothing beneficial or healthy about either one of these foods. No matter what your daily schedule is there is no excuse for making these types of food part of your daily diet. Even if you have a regular job that''s still no excuse for not preparing a nutritional meal.

With all the various ways available of modern cooking, meals can be prepared in advance and automatically cooked and ready to be eaten when you are ready for to set down for a meal. Don''t make it a habit of bringing home fast food or stopping by the grocery for processed foods either if you want to be healthy.

Continue eating this type of food and you could be setting yourself up for some very serious health problems.

One of the consequences you need to be concerned about is having a weaker immune system. This is your defense system against any illness or disease you may encounter. Feed your immune system the right fuel and be better protected.

Now I know there are times when you might crave a Big Mac, ice cream, a cookie, a piece of cake or any number of unhealthy food. You just get to the point sometimes when you just can''t stand it any longer so you go ahead and eat it anyway. Well just remember not to make it a habit or you will be back in your same old rut once again. Here''s what happens.

Every time you eat food that is not healthy your immune system becomes weakened somewhat. So here''s the facts. A little indulgence in unhealthy eating once in a while won''t pose a serious threat to you immune system but constant indulgence will..

Once you have decided to implement healthier eating habits you need to also know where the sources are for finding healthy food. Today with all the different ways food is mass - produced you cannot be totally sure what is completely healthy. Meat production in particular is very questionable these days too. My intense research of food production has revealed many food processes that concern me greatly.

If you ever see pictures like I have of the filthy meat processing methods going on today you would be concerned too. It''s even of extreme concern to all the alternative health researchers and professionals too who know of these unhealthy methods of meat processing. Yet government agencies that are responsible for the health of its citizens are not doing a very good job in regulating it with much concern.

Even though your popular food market today is now adding some healthier foods to their inventory they still don''t have everything you need that''s totally healthy. So it''s important to search for food and meat markets that do offer healthier choices. One source I recommend is Whole Foods Market. They may not have a store in your part of the country. However there may be some stores similar in your local area.

Adopting a regular exercise program is also important even if it’s just walking, biking or doing simple exercises in your home. Then if you get more serious about exercise later you want to join a health club. But keep this in mind. Regular simple exercise is better than no exercise at all.

Another important concern is to learn ways to relieve stress and be able to relax more. It’s been proven over and over again and again that stress is a major factor to be concerned about. Being highly stressed affects all your bodily functions, which includes your mental condition as well.

And here is something else to consider. Being highly informed about nutritional supplements and how they can benefit your entire body is something everyone should know. Even when you initiate a proper diet plan and start eating healthier foods you still need to add some other nutrients to your diet. Because just eating the proper food can’t do it all. Nutritional supplements are beneficial in many ways. It’s easy to find the answers to what are the best ones to take on a regular basis. If your doctor is not nutritionally knowledgeable about them then go to a local store that sells these products and get the proper information you need.

Did you know that America is one of the most unhealthy nations on earth? And not only that they are only one of two nations in the world that allows prescription drug advertising. The other nation is New Zealand. Until we stop being dependent on the drug industry to solve our health conditions and ignore our own health problems this country’s health problems will get even worse. Let''s don''t let it happen.

H - Hear the comments your doctor is making about your present overall health condition. What are you being told about your condition and what is it your doctor believes you need to do to correct it? Listen carefully what is being suggested. Ask a lot of questions too. Make sure you are getting all the information you need to be fully informed? Once you understand everything that''s been said you may even want to scrutinize the doctor’s judgement further. Don’t be too quick to accept the advice being offered. Go home now and spend a little time analyzing what your physician has told you about what is the solution to correct your ailment.

Now in case your doctor believes you have an emergency situation I still believe it''s important to get as many details as you can about your health problem. Before agreeing to treatment make sure you understand why it''s so important to make a quick decision. This situation comes up more times than not when the diagnosis is the need for heart-by pass surgery. Many times this condition is not as much as an emergency one would believe. Here’s where getting a second opinion might be necessary.

The general public does not usually know about the high percentage of wrong diagnoses being made everyday. There are also reports by more than one source of just how fast some doctors want you to agree to surgery or some radical treatment. There are times when a visit to the hospital emergency room may be necessary but don''t agree to be admitted until you understand all the reasons why you should be admitted.

There are many reasons to stay out of the hospital. Unless you can be convinced it''s a dire emergency then you really should disagree to be admitted. It''s a fact that deaths in hospitals because of various reasons are unbelievable high. Usually most people are not aware of it. So here''s the bottom line. Don''t agree to a hospital admission too quickly.

Let''s talk about other health issues. It''s already been stated before that there are alternative treatments available for many diseases and illnesses. You would be amazed what illnesses and diseases can be treated and even cured by alternative treatments. I’ve even found cures and treatments for major diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart problems.

But it''s a shame most people are not aware that they exist. The list is longer than you would believe for treatments and cures for these diseases. The availability of this information is becoming more widely known today. Health researchers and even a small majority of concerned medical doctors and professionals are providing this information in newsletters, special publications and books.

It''s not likely that most conventional doctors are not going to make you aware of these remedies, treatments or even cures that are available right now. Whether you want to believe it or not there is documented truth that even the drug industry wants this kind of information silenced. You see they won''t make any money if cures are found. They just want you to keep buying their Band-Aid products and keep convincing you that by gobbling down their products everyday will solve your ailment. But in reality these drugs do absolutely nothing to cure your health problem. Many times their drugs even make your condition worse.

Listen to this surprising news. There are many published reports I have read where government agencies have raided legitimate and highly qualified doctor''s offices because they recommended alternative treatments for their patients. These doctors have been dealt with strong warnings to not continue this practice any longer or be subject to even stronger measures inflected. There are proven facts that this same type of raids has been conducted on nutritional health stores also. So here''s what to do next.

E - Evaluate the conversation that you previously had with your doctor. If you have now thought about all the information you received from your doctor. If you thoroughly understand the treatments that were advised then maybe it''s time to accept the recommendations or reject them. You have already been made aware several times that there are many alternative ways to address most any health condition today. Let me encourage you now to think about this idea seriously. If there is a way for your condition to be treated by alternative methods don''t you think it’s best you follow that advice?

This is what you might want to do now. Discuss this idea with your doctor further and see if you can get an agreement to have he/she work with you in treating your illness with alternative methods. Now maybe before you make an appointment to discuss this it might be best to you arm yourself with more facts about treating yourself in this way. You have to decide if you feel confident about the facts you have now or need to continue to look for additional information. You really should do all you possibly can and know all advantages of alternative methods before you schedule an appointment to discuss the matter further.

Anytime you can prevent taking prescription drugs or even reject major surgery you will always be better off. So if your can’t get a positive agreement from your doctor to work with you maybe it’s time to find a doctor who will. There are more and more health care professionals and medical specialist that will be willing to work with you in this way. You just need to search for them. And really it''s not that hard to find them. You may not find one in your particular city but it''s most likely to find one nearby you. Health World is a national database where you can begin your search. So here''s what to do next.

A - Agree it’s decision time. You either to agree or disagree with your doctor’s recommendations or continue with additional research. You know that it is still difficult to reach a decision now whichever way you decide to go. And I agree with you. It isn''t really easy to make a decision to take charge of your health. It''s just not the most comfortable situation you to want face. You become so dependent on your doctor''s opinion that you become afraid to differ with them. But when you are not getting any positive results about your illness it''s time to do something else about it.

Most people are not willing to confront their doctors about what is the best way to handle their condition and get it solved once and for all. They believe everything that’s being told to them by their doctor is the right choice. It seems what most people are looking for is a fast and easy cure for their ailment. So when a doctor subscribes a prescription drug for them they feel comfortable about his decision. They will also believe the claims that the drug commercials are making on TV, in the newspaper, on radio as the ultimate cure or treatment for their persistent health condition.

Then whatever drug the doctor prescribed might not even help your ailment. It''s because your doctor is probably treating the symptoms and not the cause. It could help your condition for awhile but most likely the ailment will crop up once again sometime later. Then what''s kind of frightening about taking any drug whether a prescription or one off the shelf is it can sometimes cause an adverse reaction. It’s even been known to be as serious as causing permanent disability. Just be extremely careful about making these choices. Stop being influenced by those who only care about bottom line profits instead of your health.

The more time you can spend researching for information or getting advice from other health professionals the easier it will be for you to make a better decision. Unless your health condition is an emergency situation I believe getting more information is exactly what you need to do. You can find plenty of information about any health issues. In the next step you will find some resources for getting additional information you need. You will get more in depth information that will help make your decision much easier to make.

L- Learn more about alternative methods and how they can cure your ailments. I have already said this before but I just need to keep reminding you of it over and over and it''s this. Most people are being convinced everyday that the only way to treat an illness or a disease is by conventional medicine methods. That greatly irritates me because I know it''s not true. I found many cases in my research where people who had a persistent illness or disease got cured using alternative methods.

Here’s another issue that irks me too. Medical researchers are still looking for ways to cure cancer. The pink ribbon campaign for funds to find a cure for cancer is the most disgusting of all campaigns. Now if you think that’s a harsh statement to make let me assure you there is already cures and proven treatment for many kinds of cancer.

The circus goes on an on. Fund raising drives for many well-known diseases and illnesses are going on all the time. And once again I want to emphasis this. There are already cures for most of these diseases. Now there are a very few fund raising organizations that are worthwhile. But here’s my recommendation. Let''s start raising funds to publish these findings about alternative methods all over the country in as many publications that will accept the information. Let''s provide legitimate information on healthier ways to treat illnesses and diseases.

* Discover the amazing power of eating whole foods. They work with your own body''s healing process. They help you cure yourself naturally by eating these foods.

My best friend, Bill Henderson, has a book on the market that offers proven cancer treatments and cures. It includes many testimonials from people who have used his methods and got amazing results. Click here to learn more about it. You can also find other books on the Internet, in bookstores and even in some health publications with information about many alternative cures and remedies. * Got arthritis? – There is a cure. * Got diabetes? – There is a cure. * Got high blood pressure? - There is a cure. In the following steps coming up you will get even more specifics about ways to take charge of not only your physical health but your mental health too. You can get better solutions to your health problems without being subjected to prescription drugs or harmful radical treatments.

Here''s a valuable publication I found that addresses not only health issues but also your total life issues. It''s an effective self-study course that teaches how to quickly program your mind and body to automatically lose weight, improve your health, achieve more Success, reduce cancer risk, have better relationships, enjoy life more and much more. And you won''t believe the many free bonuses included in this offer. Click here to get all the details now. Now once you believe you have gathered enough information to make you more comfortable for making your

T- Take action now if there is no doubt in your mind you are finally ready to take charge and implement proven methods for becoming healthier. If you have taken the time to complete all the previous steps there really should be no doubt now to initiate whatever the solution is required to make your dream come true. If you are totally convinced you are going to follow your plan don’t let anyone, including your doctor to convince you otherwise. Here''s how to get started.

There are the eight health issues you should address to get a better picture of what your total health condition looks like. Here they are:

Diet: What does your food and drink consumption look like? Do you consider it healthy and nutritious? Or do you believe otherwise?

Weight management:Do you believe you are of normal weight, overweight or believe you are somewhere in between? Do you exercise regularly? Belong to a health club?

Stress management:Are you the type person who experiences this more often than not? Do you have a problem relaxing? Sleeping?

Fun and Recreation: You may not believe this is a health issue but it definitely is. So ask your self these questions: Do I participate in this regularly, not at all or rarely? Go on trips? Cruises? Out to dinner? Go to the movies? Sports events?

Now I will make it real easy for you to get your goal plan started. At the end of this report I will give you all the details. Stay with me.

This next step is really going to be extremely helpful for you. In your journey towards a healthy lifestyle when times might get a little difficult here''s some ideas to make it easier for you.

H - Handle difficulties and challenges in a way that''s going to keep you focused on your long range goals to create a healthier body. Don’t ignore any problems you may be experiencing either. If some difficulties are making your task more challenging for completing your mission then address them immediately. Learn what is necessary to overcome any adversities that come about.

Making a choice to finally take charge of your health does sometimes become very challenging. However never get discouraged or quit doing what is necessary to enhance your overall health condition. In the long run overcoming a persistent and frustrating ailment is going to be very rewarding in many ways.

Stay strong in your beliefs. Just don’t let anyone or anything keep you from continuing your plan. Only converse with those people about your goal who are very supportive may and even encourage you to complete it. End any conversation immediately with anyone who is not supportive of your intentions to improve your health.

You may not realize it now but eventually if you continue to apply the principals recommended in this report everyday you can expect your life to become even more enriching and exciting then you ever thought possible.

In my many hours of research I found story after story of people who restored their health back from even some of the most devastating diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart failure and many others.

Don''t believe all this is just some fairy tale. There were plenty of cases I found of people being told they only had only a few months to live but decided they were not willing to accept that ultimatum. They searched for and found alternative treatments that eventually cured their disease. The point I want to stress here, once again, is don''t always trust what your conventional doctor tells you. This may be a terrible comment to make but it is true.But many doctors today are not willing to take a stand against the normal practices they were taught in medical school.

Here is the reason why this is so true. Doctors are threatened many times about treatments not endorsed by their own medical organizations. Even the prescription drug industry puts a lot of pressure on doctors to prescribe their drugs for patients instead of using alternative methods. Some doctors who decided to suspend their practice and start publishing a newsletter have admitted this. Some of these doctors have even begun to sell nutritional supplements also .

You have finally arrived at the last step to implement in your total health-restoring plan. I congratulate you for reading this far. I suspect you must be willing now to make a strong commitment to improve your health. Finish reading the rest of this report now. I think it will strengthen your decision even more.

Y - Yearn for the healthiest life you will ever have. If you complete every step in this report as suggested and implement the action steps you should see the value of adopting these principals as part of your daily health regimen. If your yearning for a better life is strong enough and you finally decide to take charge of your health it will definitely come true. It really saddens me when I see people I truly care about abusing their body everyday. It''s even more saddening when they don''t do much about it. They just keep staying with a doctor that doesn''t help them much and keep swallowing drugs everyday.

As I continue my research of alternative medicine I''m becoming a little more encouraged that more unhealthy individuals are beginning to believe in and willing to submit to alternative treatments. They are starting to become even more suspicious than ever of the claims being made by the drug companies for curing their illnesses. Several recalls of some drugs have probably prompted these concerns. I''m glad this is happening. The drug companies, the medical establishment, the FDA, the CDC and several other organizations have too strong a hold on everyone''s health now.

Until we can convince enough of our citizens how serious a problem these organizations are causing, they will continue to dominate the health scene in the same way they have in years. So what happens if you don''t retaliate and just keep up with your same unhealthy routine day in and day out? Most likely you will still be making periodic visits to your doctor. You will still be hooked on prescription drugs. You will probably be feeling lousy most of the time. Now sometimes after having your prescription changed you may start to feel better once again. And you think wow! That’s great my problem has been solved. But most of the time it''s short lived and finally you are back to feeling lousy once again. You could even start to feel worse than before.

I know how widespread this scenario plays out everyday in people''s lives. Until I started my research I had no idea how serious a problem this was. As I have already stated before there is only one way to solve this problem and it''s a very simple solution. Find out what needs to be done to treat the root cause of the illness or disease instead of treating the symptoms. I beg you to please get smarter about this whole problem. If you have a pain. Find out why. If you can''t sleep well at night. Find out why. If you get totally stressed out easily. Find out why. If you simply feel lousy most of the time. Find out why.

Then the next thing I want to emphasize is this. Don''t go to the drug store and buy a drug off the shelf. And if you go to your doctor and he/she wants to write you prescription say, "No thanks" and leave. Here''s what you really need to do. Find a doctor or a medical specialist who is knowledgeable about nutrition and is willing to treat your condition the alternative way. Now it''s more likely they will get to the root of the cause and treat you properly. (I have already given you a source earlier in this report where you can find these specialist) Looks to me like this is a lot smarter way to go then constantly having your body abused and feeling lousy all the time. What do you think?

Well I have done my best to provide you with much evidence of the merits of taking charge of your health. I hope this very famous saying makes an impression on you. Here''s what it says: "If you keep doing all the things you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten." Need I say more?

Now earlier in this report I mentioned I make it easier for you to achieve your health goals. My offering will help by giving you the chance to expand your knowledge of all your health issues even further. It will even give you solutions and cures for illness or disease. So here''s my offer.

I’m offering a free two phase plan that will help you achieve your health goals easier and sooner. Let me be real specific how this works:

Phase1: You will be guided you through a simple survey on the eight health issues mentioned above. What you will do is evaluate each of your eight heath issues on a scale of one to ten. This exercise will cause you to become more aware of your present health condition. Once that is completed you move on to Phase 2

Phase 2: Since you have decided what is the highest health priority to correct here is what you do next. You select the health issue you want to correct by scrolling down a list I have compiled of the eight health issues and click on that particular one. This will take you to a website that will provide you with all the necessary solution you need to improve your present health condition.

After you have found the valuable information to correct your highest priority health issue and implemented the various steps for improvement you can now proceed to any other health conditions you want to improve using the same process you just used for correcting the preceding one. After that you can continue this process to improve as many conditions you care to improve for as long as you want.

If you remember what I told you earlier all this information provided here was researched by individuals interested in alternative methods for cures and remedies of various ailments and diseases. What they found were proven methods that positively worked for correcting all these health issues. You will also find in these reports testimonials from individuals who have benefited from implementing these methods.

If you are serious about finding a way to turn your life around and making it healthier and more enjoyable than ever I urge you to take advantage of this plan now. To begin implementing the procedures recommended to make it happen sooner than you may expect fill in the form below and receive my free two phase plan in seconds.

It''s easy to get your free two phase Total Health Control Plan (value $29.95) - just fill out the information below and you will be able to download it within seconds